Tuesday, March 9, 2010

With Pain Comes Growth and Knowledge

Certain things in life make us grow and learn and for me being a Demostrator has helped me so much. I have learned that there are so many amazing and talented woman who I love dearly whom I would have never meet would it have not been for being part of the Stampin Up family.

I have learned that teaching is something I love to do. I love to be able to help someone come into my class and being so excited to share what they learned w/someone else.

I've learned that a handmade card is worth so much more and is so special and to give one is sharing a piece of yourself.

For anyone that knows me they know how much I have loved being a Stampin Up demo I love to image all I can create... Those sleepless excited nights because I know my SA Sistahs and I would be waiting for that awesome surprise Stampin Up has for us Demos... or waiting to sign up for an event.. there is nothing like it....

Although I love what I do So very much I love my Family even more... and thus this brings me to having to do something that might hurt a bit now but I know its our Lord's will because I have learned from what I have gone through in my life that everything happens for a reason...

I have decided to become a hobby demo. I will try to keep up with my qtr. sales but if not I will let it go...

My Stampin Up online store will be open until March 15th and then it will close. For my current customers I can not say what you mean to me! Of course you can email me and I will be more then happy to place your order for you and again can not say Thank you enough for not only your business but your friendships.

I also want to thank the few of you that stop by here and peek at what I might have been up to...

Like my title of my post says W/pain comes growth and knowledge and my faith will help my family and myself through what we have to because our Lord is with us. I know just as before he will walk us into where we need to be.

God Bless you and as always thank you for stopping by....


  1. Just letting you know that I will still love seeing what you create when you can find time. Sending hugs. Family is important so I support you in your decision.

  2. Ellie, I am sorry to hear you must cut back on something you love to do, but family should always take priority. Time goes by so fast, enjoy every moment. Take care and hopefully once in awhile you will still post.

  3. Ellie darling, I totally understand...you have no idea! We have to take care of our families first. These years in their lives cannot be replaced. Stampin' Up! understands and will always be there, that is why we have options. Try to hang on to your demonstratorship as it does get easier as the kids get older and sometimes just releasing your mind from the contant thought of being a business demo does wonderful things...who knows!
    I wish you the very best and know you will keep on stamping beautiful things with all the love and energy you have!

    Love ya kiddo...stay in touch! Huge hugs coming your way!!!!!! Becky

  4. Hi Ellie! Your message kinded sound of sad, but DON'T be! It took me 4 years to decide to be a demonstrator and I decided to become one because that is the beauty of Stampin' Up! You can ebb and flow and be any kind of demonstrator that want at any time that's right for you because it's your business. You'll never stop creating because that's you. I started a full time in March and had to cut back myself, but that's OKAY! You will still get those wonderful brain spurts for a card idea and you won't be able to rest until you've created it. You know what I mean :-)

  5. Ellie! I haven't visited your blog is a while because I have had to cut back on my cyber stuff lately. I love you and your wonderful enthusiasm for life. For that reason, and because you always make such cute stuff, I am giving you the Sunshine Award. Check it out on m blog! Enjoy being a hobby demo, and I agree with everything everyone has said ahead of me!


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