Sunday, June 21, 2009

Call Me Betty Crocker!

Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Also Happy Father's Day to all the Dads. Our day was nice and quiet as my hubby got to sleep for almost the whole day. He needs it so I am glad he did. Well while he slept I was busy baking cookies like a mad woman I actually used Lauren's Super Duper YUMO recipe. I am no baker by any means usually I buy my cookie dough ready for me to just pop in the oven but this time about I said hmm let me try this it seems easy enough. So I went about to make a couple of batches to give as good bye treats to the some special people at the boys school. Tomorrow is my Ram's last day Isaac finished last Tues.

Here is what I made. Also I used one of Lauren's Template to put the cookies in.

Yes I made Jumbo Cookies they are YUMMOO I did a "test batch" yesterday and said OH MAN OH MAN! lol... I actually had to do another special batch just for Ram's teacher as believe it or not she is allergic to Chocolate (GASP) I for one who knows me am a true chocolate lover and would be so sad if I couldn't eat it! So hers is peanut butter and Butter Scotch.

Besides the cookies I also made another special card sets for Ram's Teacher.

Here is what the cards look like :

I made a set of six of these and this sketch I TOTALLY cased from Silkie. She had another set and I thought this Sketch would be perfect to use my New YUMO pre-order Stamp -Razzle Dazzle that will be out July first AS well as a New In Color- Rich Razzleberry hmm yeah I am loving this color and stamp set! lol..

I also made a little holder for the cards :

I know lots of Purple but Ram told me that's his teacher's fav. color :) Then to put everything together I got this little wicker bag to put everything in.

Well I've made this post long enough Hope everyone has a wonderful evening. Tomorrow is the first game of Ram's playoff's so I shall hopefully be back Tuesday with my little video tutorial. as always thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. What a yummy gift! Beautiful way to package the cookies. I am like you and wouldn't know what to do without chocolate.

  2. Love the packaging on the cookies! The cards are perfect to go with them, too.


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