Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lunch Time a La MDS Style

Hello All!

This is a quick post because I am a working crazed woman today getting the last ends ready for my class tomorrow which is sure to be a blast. As well as a Swap that is like 3 in one as there are a sets of Halloween,Thanksgiving cards and Christmas yeah I could have only signed up for one of them but NO its the Swap Addict in me and NOW I am working my tail off cause they have to go in the mail TOMORROW!.. So not too much chatting from me.

Just wanted to come and share a page I did while I took a little lunch break . Yes I eat and Scrap at the same time. Ha but no fear of messing up my materials since they are safe in my computer. Did I tell you I am loving My Digital Studio?

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and I am off as I have a goal to make before I have to stop and make Mac & Cheese and bake some cookies for my boys for when they come home.

As always thanks so much for stopping by!

(FYI: Don't forget about my MDS Giveaway)

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