Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Conquered the Rock Today!!!

Today was another awesome day at Convention!! I got my bag today and new stamps WHOOP WHOOP!! Also I got to go on a tour to Riverton where the Stampin Up Offices are!!! I have so many pictures to show you guys!! BUT I can't get them to load for some reason its not letting me load more then one picture at a time SOOOOOOOOOOO here is what I did today!! I conquered THE ROCK !!!

I also got to stamp today with my Sistahs today and we had a chance to stamp with the new stamps that will be ava. in the NEW MINI!!! so I will have samples for you! I CAN NOTTTT WAIT TO show you guys .. As being a demo that is one of the perks we get to pre-order so we can share with our amazing customers what is to come.. WAIT Till you see what is coming its gonna knock your socks off!!!

Well I am off as I am going to go and try to edit my pics and if I can I will come back with a silde (IF It lets me post it!! CROSS YOUR FINGERS!))

As always thank you for stopping by!! And as I ALWAYS SAY IT ROCKS TO BE A DEMO!!!

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  1. Awesome picture, Ellie! Just inspired! And so YOU! :)

    Marie AKA Card Shark

  2. I'm so wishing I could have been there!


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