Sunday, January 24, 2010

Did You See It!!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today's Share involves a celebration and a giveaway! YEAHHH!! First off Have you seen this?

Well if you have... Did you check out Page 71???? DID YOU SEE what it said? (so cool! lol) Designer:Ellie Augustin

Oh my gosh I just about FLIPPED OUT when I saw my card in the magazine.. I've been waiting patiently for it to come (Ok maybe not so patiently can you blame me!!)

So yesterday after my Stamp A Stack Class I got my mail and just about dropped everything I was carrying to tear open that package but managed to control myself till I got inside.
I can not say how happy I am. Now my giveaway because they sent me extra copies! SO I have to share right??!! SOOOO here is it (sorry only can mail here in the U.S.)
Leave me a comment letting me know what you would like to see on my blog.

I know most of you are shy and stop by but don't say Hey Ellie :( sniff,sniff... lol..) but I would love if you could help me so maybe that way I could make it more fun to stop by and you wouldn't be so shy in leaving a comment! lol..

I will pick 2 winners on Friday so that I could mail out your copy over next weekend! Well enjoy your day and I shall be back tomorrow w/my Daily Challenge card!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! How fabulous! Just keep on inspiring us with your great work. I want a copy!

  2. Congrats! How exciting! I will have to go find it. I love seeing your scrapbook projects.

  3. You freakin' rock, Ellie Bear!! Congratulations, my friend! I'm sure it's only the first of many.

    xo Brandi

  4. Congratulations. That is wonderful. Love your work and I am one of your followers.

  5. Ellie, congratulations!!! I would love to see more 3-D projects.

  6. Congratulations Ellie!!!!!! You need to let Stampin' Up! know so that they can mention you in the next issue of Stampin' Success. Way to gooooooo!!!! Also, I have seen people start a little column on their blogs to the right or left with the title, "Magazines I Have Been Published In" This is what I would like to see on your blog because you are talented and this little spot is gonna fill up like a resume! Great job!!!

  7. Congratulations Ellie - Your card in a magazine is not surprising to me, but how exciting for you and the rest of us who know you! Warm Wishes, Renee

  8. WTG!!! How great the feeling must be. Happy for you.
    Yes, I am one who stops by and doesn't say hi, My Bad.
    I love your site and would love to see more simple cards 10 - 20 min or less.
    Thanks and again Congrats.

  9. Well, I technically commented on your FB page, but since I love you and your blog so much (did you see that "buttered up" for ya)") I will do ANYTHING to get a copy from "the one" "the ONLY" ELLIE! oh, and wasn't lying, I do live in the sticks so I have nowhere within 2 hours to get one...(insert-pouty lip and sad eyes)
    No, seriously- YOU ROCK! You are an inspriation-


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