Friday, August 7, 2009

What Stampin Up Means to Me..

When I became a demonstrator I never had really stamped for that matter I had NO clue what was Stampin Up and what the company was about. I remember getting my starter kit and opening it and saying HMMMM ok.. now what?! Yeah I didn't even know how to mount my own stamps I had to READ the little labels included that showed me how! lol... That was only a short 1 1/2 years ago.. In that short time I began a journey that I never thought I would ever take..

Stampin Up is not just a company that sells products for Paper crafting it is a TRUE family of people that Love what they do. They bring love to each part of whatever it may be they do for the company.. It is a place where you have a instant connection with people who love what you do. Its a place where you learn and grow and get such an amazing and wonderful feeling knowing that you have learned to create something with your own hands and can share and make someone else feel joy because of it as well.

In my short time as a Demo I have come across NOTHING but amazing and wonderful fellow demos who do nothing more but encourage me and just make me feel like I have known them forever. I have made bonds that mean more to me then I could ever tell you.

This picture below tells it all.. IT IS Our Motto for this Year at Stampin Up.. It is something I want to share with you..I want to be able to Inspire you to take a leap and even if you think you wouldn't be able to do it try and see how easy it is to do it and how much fun it will be.
I want to be able to help you create, to take an idea in your head and make it reality and be proud of what you have accomplished. and most of all I want to share anything that I learn and learn from you. I want to be able to share this love that I feel for such an amazing company that gives each of its Demo's/employees and anyone associated with them so much love.

If you have ever on the fence as to weather or not this is something you would want to do. I say DO IT.. You don't need do anything but join this amazing family. Once you do become a demo you open a brand new door that you couldn't even image could be. I would love to have you part of my team and show you what it has to offer.. You just could join and stay on the side line and just learn from what Stampin Up has to offer to their Demo's or if you would like to be more involved you could do that as well.

Right now would be a prefect time to join this amazing family as there is promo that for ONLY $85.00 Until August 31st : You could sign up as a Demo and included in your kit would be :

  • For All You Do stamp set
  • In Color Classic Stampin' Pads (6)
  • Whisper White card stock (8-1/2" x 11")
  • In Color assorted card stock (8-1/2" x 11")
  • Business forms and tools

Right now I have decided that the first 2 people who decide they just want to give it a try and sign up and enjoy all the benefits Stampin Up has to offer will get a gift of $25.00 to add of merchandise of your choice.

There is something I learned which is if you don't try you never know.. I love what I do and I am so happy that I leaped in and thought why not.. there is nothing to lose and no penalties if you decide that you wouldn't want to continue to be a Demo that would be fine, but all I want is for everyone to have a chance to take part in what I have learned to love and cherish so much!

With that I can not thank you enough for reading my little personal little message I have for today and if you have ANY questions what so ever PLEASE do email me and I will give you all the answers that you would need.

I am off to bed as tomorrow will be closing day of Convention and then Sunday I return home and I will FINALLY share with you what I learned as well as my pictures!

HUGS 2 ALL! :)

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