Friday, October 16, 2009

Beginning To Look Allot Like

A Natural Disaster in my stamp room! Happy Friday everyone. Hope you enjoyed your day. I have been resting today but am feeling better after doing so and having some nice hot tea. I am in my stamp room feeling like a mad scientist I tell you!

I wanted to share with you a card that I actually am taking w/me to my Craft Fair next Month. This is gonna be one of the cards sets I will be selling. I have a confession. Never was it my intention to buy this stamp set NEVER but after seeing an EXPLOSION of oh my gosh dropping to the floor creations with it.. Well I FINALLY had to break down and get it.. what set am I talking about? Well Holiday Lineup! I know you must be saying WHAT Ellie but that's kind of old no? YEAH I know but hasn't that happened to you? You see a set forever and say nope not for me, no what would I do with it...and then all of a sudden YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT! lol..

Ok here is what I did with the snowmen stamp from this set.. They were too much fun to color. When I finished coloring them I said well snowman need snow right.. so I grabbed my Fav. Branch Out and said Let it snow.. you would have thought I would use the little snowflakes then right? NOPE I used what is supposed to be the leaves to make those big chunky snowflakes after all you need those in order to make snowmen right?? So I just stamped the image again and cut it out and mask covered my colored stamped image so I could just have the snow around them.

OK you want to see right...

The picture is bit darker then I would have liked as its about to be 7 pm here but I had to share and look at card base.. I bet you sorry now you didn't add this to your last order the Petal-A-Plenty Impression Folder HUH? I love how DEEP the impression it leaves. If you wanted you could even make a card JUST with it. YUMO! Can you see the shimmer on the card base? of course I had to add some shimmer paint, what is a card without a little bling? Almost forgot the sentiment is from Hostess Set-The More the Merrier

Well I have many other cards to share but have to take those pictures of them. I am off to go get a bit more rest. As alway thank you so much for stopping by!


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