Friday, October 2, 2009

MDS Blog Party!

Welcome to my little part of this Stampin Addict MDS Blog Party! Say that 3x fast! lol..
So are you ready to see what I have been up to?? Can I say I LOVE this program so much it is so easy and so wonderful and fun to play with!

Of course my focus of my pages would have to be my Family. So lets begin shall we??

I love how you can just add a couple of touches and you have your prefect page. Trust me I played around adding stuff but in the end I said NO.. Ram's facial expression said it all! LOL..

Next we have my Sweets....

Isn't he the cutest 6 year old you ever seen! hehehehehe... Now my last page I really had fun doing because WELL I've had these pictures for a LONG time (see little how Sassy has grown in some of the pics! lol) I've been meaning to scrapbook them but never got a chance now with My Digital Studio I can't have any excuses because well it takes NO time at all to create pages and complete an album. All I have to do is download my pictures and get to work!

How fun is this book gonna be when I finish it! I thought I would include this little video to let you really see what you can do with My Digital Studio can do.

I hope you enjoy this little stop here and remember to visit the rest of the gals and check out their creatiions :

Visit them HERE and remember I will keep up the link to visit them on my upper left hand corner until November 2nd! Enjoy the fun and as always thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. Ellie--your pages are so wonderful! You really do a great job with those loveable kids! In real life, and on a scrap page!

  2. Ellie Ellie Ellie!!! Wow, what a fabulous family you have. That pic of your youngest boy with his hands folded in And your daughter looks just like you. You did a great job girlyfriend!! And I know you squealed while you did it!! lol

  3. Ellie Girl! Your pages are fab and almost as cute as the kiddo-s!!!! I love your banner and signature too! You're so clever girl!!!
    Hugs, Becky

  4. I love the set of 9 pictures. They really tell a story.

  5. What great pages, Ellie! Love them all. And may I say that you have adorable children? :-D

  6. Oh Ellie, what a good-looking bunch you have. Love how you made great pages that kept the focus on the stars of the show--your cute kids!


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