Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thriller Night.....

Hello everyone! Did you miss me?? I hope so cause I've miss you! Happy Wednesday and WOW how is it Wednesday already.. Thought I would sneak in and take a little break as I am busy in the "lab" working up a storm... Today exactly is a month till the Crop I am happy to say I will be a part of.
I have been going back and forth with Denise and I am happy to say that I know just what I have up my ink sleeve including a treat for the gals that take my class that day!
So if you want to come crop w/me on Nov.7th HURRY up as I know there were only like 10 spots left! ANDDD for 35 bucks you get lunch AND Dinner and you get to stamp and have fun for the whole day!! (from 10-10) OH I personally think its a steal!....OH ANDDDDD did I mention Door Prizes...

So I will be working on projects for that crop as well as my busy month of classes I have for October.. I had a couple of you email me that were interested in some of the classes I had but couldn't make it the day of.. WELL who am I not to help you get inky!! All you have to do is contact me and tell me Ellie I REAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLY would love to take that class and we can work something out... SO don't be shy all you have to do is ask!

Talking about Classes .. I am soo exicted about Friday because I am gonna have my Thriller Night Class! Ha... Its gonna be a HOWLLLLLLLLLLLLL ok that was corny I know I had to do it! lol...

Want a sneak peek at what we will be doing?? Well we will be doing a Spooktacular album and bonus goodie bag... here a little something,something to get you howling!

So aren't you curious for this Awesome project.. you can join me all you have to do is contact me not late at all and your in for Friday! :) Well as always thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. Looking forward to meetin gyou AND doing the FABU project you have in mind for us! Local ladies...I had a sneak peak and it's GOR-JUSS!! Very inexpensive, too, in keeping with the "affordable" theme of the day! Ellie has my email address - let her knwo if you want to join us. Holbrook is NOT that far from nassau - trust me! I used to go to crops in Wantagh all the time!

    ~ Denise

  2. I should mention that I fear I will spend all my time in classes and none on my layouts, lol!!
    ~ Denise


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